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Our Services

Join hundreds of satisfied clients using our services globally.

The following list presents only a small selection of services. To learn more, contact us directly or visit the Service Dashboard in the software center to access service-level-agreements, metrics, data and more. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Software Engineering

Developing custom solutions

Sojourner Development complies with industry best practices in all projects for many satisfied customers. We can tailor processes for your projects or enterprise business solutions to ensure that business activities are cost-effectively aligned with your organizational goals. We offer various process improvement services to help companies meet tomorrow's challenges with proven process models.

Our specialists analyze your business and focus on the benefits that result from professional software development processes. We develop solutions and help to integrate these solutions into your organization. We help you define tool requirements and recommend techniques and training to effectively meet your needs.

Security Services

Can your Application Security take a punch?

How good are your defense capabilities? Whether you are just starting out or have been assessing the security of your business for years, you will find that our assessment services are just right for you.

Application Penetration Testing

We will hack just about anything, but our main focus is on testing application security. This probably has something to do with our own development work. If you have any kind of web or mobile application - maybe a SaaS platform? - that requires security testing, look no further.

An application penetration test is an exploitative test of your application security defenses. Sometimes referred to as "ethical hacking", the goal of an application penetration test is to assess the resistance of your web application to technical attacks and to provide tailored recommendations on areas that could be improved. Using the same techniques as criminal hackers, Sojourner Development looks for ways to gain access to data stored in your systems, applications, or mobile devices.

We adapt our application security auditing methodology to the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard. There are two main reasons for this: 1) it is simply good and 2) there is additional, independent clarity about what is delivered. This is especially useful if you have a penetration test performed to satisfy a third party.

Targeted Attacks

Traditional penetration testing often takes a general approach, seeking to identify susceptibility to a wide variety of common weaknesses in infrastructure, applications, networks, etc. This is still the most common route to compromise however, for some of our clients they face a more specific, determined threat. This is where our Target Attack services come into play. Clearing Threats for you within small timeframes.

Mobile Security Reviews

A typical mobile application comprises two parts, the app itself installed on the mobile device and a web service exposing actions via an application API. During a mobile application security review it is important to consider both parts of this equation.

The objective of a mobile application security review is to provide assurance over the security controls in place in both the mobile app itself and, optionally though ideally, the service as a whole.

A mobile device, contrary to common opinion, is not a black box into which you cannot pry. It is essentially a small version of your desktop computer and, with the right skills can be accessed in just the same way. So the risks to mobile applications are essentially the same as to any other where assumptions are made about the security of the end user system.

Application Security

Analysis / Obfuscation

You have a product that needs to be analyzed? We can do this for you. Starting with the performance analysis up to various environmental metrics. Software protection is also a big part of our work. We can help you conceal your software and protect it from crackers.

Software Protection

We can protect every aspect of your code, including class and method names, managed resources, user strings, method implementation, system and library calls. We can protect more of your application than any single obfuscator because we know what is safe to change and what needs to be left alone. Nevertheless, with our Workbench we give you full control over the obfuscation process. Your software will then be obfuscated by our experts using various tools specifically designed for the architecture of your executable files.

When you request our service, you can give us the software for protection or analysis, and we will do the rest. Never worry about the security of your code again.


Creating Bot Networks

We do not offer direct spreading services. Please visit the Software Center for more information about the different versions available. Our software products are for educational purposes only. This means that you are not allowed to use them for malicious purposes. If you do so, your license may be terminated.


Premium Design Services

We offer various high-quality design GFX services. Starting from custom artwork to advanced UX design concepts. Steam Profile Artworks are also available. This service is just for fun. So if you like our range of services and software products, feel free to try them out.

One of the available design services is Steam Artwork. Steam Artworks are completely unique for each client, and all the artwork created is animated. You will receive an uncompressed version of the images (.gifs). This service can be purchased without being a customer. Just contact Sojournercntl directly and ask for an artwork.

If you have a professional YouTube, video, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud or Twitter profile and need a complete collaborative design pattern, we can help you.

No customer registration is required for our services. Need a different design that is not listed here? Feel free to ask us. Maybe we can help you and expand our service offering.


Facial Recognition Services

The latest service product is Daiquiry. The Daiquiry framework will be integrated with a patch into all existing ProjectExterean customers. Access to the face and motion detection system will be available as a paid service.

The customer has the possibility to create a new database entry for the recognition. This service will include every customer (including business versions). Once a face is recognized based on its metric, the customer will be notified to the service owner and the required service information will be provided.

The following licenses are required to request the service: ProjectExterean - (Private/Business), Daiquiry access.

Note: The normal service license only allows you to create three database entries. Each new entry will be charged extra. If something does not work via the Software Center, please contact Techsupport

Unlisted Services

/ API Access

Out unlisted services are not public and can only be viewed within the software center. To get access to the full list and the order dialog you have to be logged in to the Software-Center with your valid customer account. You also have to sign the NDA to see all services.

Sojourner Developments APIs and server access is available to customers only. Anyone who has a registered customer account can create and obtain new API keys in the Software Center. If you do not have a customer account, but are interested in receiving one, contact us today. Some of the APIs are even free.